Snapunk is a new age mobile photo exchange portal that has a serious & innovative tone, showcasing the real news of the world from a local to global perspective. This free app offers a selection of more than twelve photo filters and simple editing tools, all rolled neatly into a mini social platform.

Snapunk enables photo sharing of local and global newsworthy events in an unbiased medium. Rather than turning to traditional news sources, which report on what is believed the consumers want to hear, Snapunk allows users to report on what they want to see and feedback is immediate.

This app not only allows you to see what your peers post, but also what people, you have never met, are experiencing. Most of the planet’s population acquires their local and global news from some form of “trusted” news outlet.

See things from different cities and states in real-time and communicate with others in the area you are interested in.

Anonymous Shots
Choose to post with your social profile or choose to post as anonymous to get open feedback. Post and enjoy the social commentary from the world. A Snapunk is a photo in our network.

Regional Photos
See what other creative individuals are posting in your region or in other regions around your country and even the world.

Explore the World
Check out photography and insights from all around the globe using Snapunk every day. Snapunk the world from a different perspective.

House of Berlin worked to manage and increase downloads through social engagement. Positioning Snapunk on an international platform, House of Berlin heightened awareness, reconfirm the position of Snapunk and its owners as the latest tech innovators, and created brand activations through events, while maintaining engagement with clients. 

“Snapunk is local news and events for the people by the people – that’s what makes this app unique,” said Brand Kolosky, CEO & President of House of Berlin. “It’s ideal for connecting the world with local images. That is why we are excited to be a part of it.”