Beach Taco Restaurant Names House of Berlin- Article Agency AOR for Branding, Web & Digital Campaigns


Miami, FL – June 2017House of Berlin – Article Agency US, has been hired to execute the Public Relations, Branding and Digital Marketing campaigns for Miami Beach’s newest restaurant addition, Beach Taco.

The international communications and brand agency  will be responsible for logo and website development, social and digital engagement, as well as event and community activations to create awareness for the Beach Taco brand.

“Let’s Taco-bout it! We pitched Beach Taco on “Bringing Groovy Back!” The founders explained the concept and it was simple and exciting to create a campaign that will deliver “Fresh & Fast” burritos and tacos on-the-go to beachgoers, as well as late night healthy and affordable meals,” states Owner, Brandi Kolosky – House of Berlin – Article agency US.

Beach Taco is excited to partner with HOB on this new endeavor, one of its owner’s stating, "From the very first meeting with Brandi Kolosky and her team, we not only got a good sense of her stellar work ethic and past performances, but was also strongly drawn to the fact that we were all on the same page from a creative and long term business perspective."

Founders of Beach Taco: Joe Marocco, Ted Taylor, and Giovanni Figueroa


Beach Taco is a Mexican restaurant located in the swanky Miami Beach neighborhood, SOFI (South of Fifth, 1st & Collins Avenue). Serving tacos and burritos, Beach Taco uses locally sourced ingredients for its “Fast & Fresh” tacos on-the-go concept. Staying true to the beach vibe, you can be sure to ride the wave of our daily fresh-made tortillas and salads. Tacos-on-the-go to beach-goers and late-night healthy affordable meals.



HOUSE OF BERLIN – Article Agency US provides companies a strategic advantage in their field, garnering maximum brand exposure with consumers and top media while creating and managing beneficial partnerships. We are a creative communications and branding firm located in Miami, London and Milan. We are committed to generating innovative PR, Marketing and Event campaigns. The energetic team behind HOUSE OF BERLIN – Article agency US has 12+ years of experience providing unparalleled services to a variety of clients in the entertainment, film, fashion, corporate, hospitality, real estate, hotels, music, sports, food/beverage and tech industries. We are an Affiliate Partner to the globally renowned LINKS World Group, headquartered in Miami and South America.  

Media Contact:

Brandi Kolosky


P: 786-475-7027

House of Berlin Assists with Latin American Presidential Dinner Inaugurating the 1st World Affairs Council Of Greater Miami

Chairman, Judge Cole Cartledge of the World Affairs Council of Greater Miami Announced the Chapter Inauguration by Hosting Former Latin American Presidents & Prominent Global Leaders at his Private Residence on September 23, 2016

MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 - On Friday, September 23, at 7 pm the World Affairs Council of Greater Miami was inaugurated by Dr. Amy Jarvis - Board Member and Judge Cole Cartledge - Chairman at their residence in Miami Shores for a private dinner party.

 Roughly 60 Attendees were greeted by Tony Culley Foster – President of the World Affairs Council D.C.

 The Presidential delegation was lead by Mision Presidencial Latinoamericana in partnership with Global Peace Foundation and included the following Honored Guests who were invited and those who attended:

   H.E. Dr. Marco Vinicio Cerezo, Former President of Guatemala

   H.E. Dr. Carlos Diego Mesa Gilsert, Former President of Bolivia

   H.E. Dr. Luis Alberto Lacalle de Herrera, Former President of Uruguay

   H.E. Dr. Nicolas Ardito Barletta Vallarino, Former President of Panama

   H.E. Alvaro Colom Caballeros, Former President of Guatemala

   H.E. Bernardino Cano Radil, Paraguayan Ambassador to Cuba

   Dr. Michael J. Lenaghan, Mardee Jenrette Endowed Teaching Chair, Miami-Dade College

   Leadership from Global Peace Foundation

   Hon. Ruben Ramos, Economic Minister Cuban Embassy - DC

   Selected Consul Generals from 13 Latin American countries, including Guatemala, Bolivia, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador, and Mexico

   Selected Consul Generals from 4 western nations with strong ties to Latin America: Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal

   Alejandra Collarte, Director of International Relations, University of Miami

   Catherine Rodriguez, Diplomat in Residence, Florida International University

   Liane Ventura Guerra, SVP, International Business and Industry Growth, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

The effort was coordinated with Dr. Volker Anding, former German Ambassador, a founding member of the Council, and who is on the Executive Committee of the Consular Corp, Trustee of Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and more. The World Affairs Council invited and will continue to work with Consuls General from the twelve (12) Latin American countries the Mission is involved with (i.e., Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, more), plus Consuls General of leading European countries involved in business and trade with Latin America.

The World Affairs Council Mission, developing programs and events for 2017 are as follows:

World Affairs Council of Greater Miami is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supporting the intersection of diplomacy, academia, and public discourse on international affairs, including socio-political development, economic growth and security.

·       Cybersecurity: Threats and Solutions

·       Evolution of European Union and NATO

·       Foreign Partnerships in Combating ISIS

·       The Cartel-Terrorism Dynamic Across Latin America

·       Cuba: Political, Economic and Social Development

·       Health, Economic and Social Development in Latin America

·       Art Exhibitions and Prominent Collections from Latin America

·       Environmental Awareness Events

Donors and Sponsors included: Esquipulas Foundation, Bangelist, CMSCO International, Inc., Captain Kevin Wensing, U.S. Navy (retired), Arevalo Gallery, Internal Dialogues, House of Berlin, LINKS World Group, The Angler’s – A Kimpton Hotel, Buzz Agency of South FL, Miami Shores Police Department, Mia Llaneros, and Paella Party Catering.

More About: World Affairs Council of Greater Miami provides educational and collaborative resources on global issues through prominent speaking events, networking events, and extended opportunities. The Council brings together government leaders, diplomats, academia, business leaders, and the media through these platforms. The Council was founded to operate in partnership with Miami-area organizations, and in collaboration with fellow World Affairs Council chapters in the U.S. and abroad, with a dedicated focus on Miami as an international center and bridge to Latin America. (

More About Latin-American Presidential Mission is an association of 20 former heads of state committed to greater regional integration, effective and transparent governance, and sustainable and equitable development. It was launched at the Global Peace Convention in Atlanta, USA in November 2012. The Mission was founded by the Global Peace Foundation in collaboration with the Paraguay Institute for Development of Thought, the Esquipulas Foundation of Guatemala and the Leadership Conference of Uruguay (LCU). (

More About Global Peace Foundation (GPF) is a leading international non-profit organization that promotes a values-based approach to building sustainable peace and development at the community, national, and regional levels. Each year, GPF reaches more than 235,000 people through our projects and programs in 24 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, thanks to our strong field network. GPF convenes and implements development projects and conferences on grassroots peacebuilding, education, entrepreneurship, and youth leadership development. (



ITNJ International Tribunal for Natural Justice

House of Berlin assists the

International Tribunal for Natural Justice in Disseminating Announcements

DATE: October 8, 2015 LONDON, UK: The ceremonial seating and treaty signing of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice took place on the 14th and 15th June 2015 in Notting Hill and Westminster Central Hall, London, respectively. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice establishes a new planetary law jurisduction ‘for the people - by the people’ in order to return the rule of law and natural justice to a world increasingly afflicted by juridical abuses. Staged on the eve of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, the ceremonial seating was attended by over 300 people, including diplomatic delegations from various governments. Goodwill messages were beamed into the theatre from notable activists and ITNJ supporters including: Author & linguist, Noam Chomsky, Fmr. asst. secretary of the U.S treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, Fmr. US Police Chief Captain Ray Lewis, and various international ITNJ Chapters. The ITNJ treaty and constitution were mandated and formally ratified with 30 witnesses in-situ and around 1000 witnesses via live stream at Westminster Central Hall on Monday, 15th June. Since the ceremonial seating and ratification, the ITNJ has been working closely with the Committee to Support the ITNJ in consolidating it’s scope and preparing for preliminary landmark cases. ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh declares initial hearings to be announced in December. Applicants may now request application forms by email and online automated applications can be rendered to the court from October 28th onwards. ABOUT THE ITNJ: The ITNJ is constituted to protect and defend the Natural Rights of all peoples of the world. Wherever harm has been done to any living man or woman or any group of People, and all avenues of recourse have been exhausted, without finding remedy or resolve, such cases may be brought before the ITNJ. Wherever justice has been denied, the ITNJ will serve as final arbiter of Natural Justice. The ITNJ is constituted to uphold natural justice as the foundational tenet of human expression beyond the artifice of boundaries and enclosures. There will be no borders limiting or preventing justice for all peoples. The ITNJ is purposed to apprehend the abuses and tyranny of systems and institutions whose public agents act as if they are above the Law. The ITNJ intends to restore the Rule of Law and to restore common dignity and sagacity in jurisprudence, wherever such may be required to uphold the peace. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: CONTACT: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ITNJ, PLEASE SEE: / FOR PRINT QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS PLEASE CONTACT:

House of Berlin Took to the Wheel with FIA Formula Electric Racing

Unveiling of the FIA Formula Electric Qualcomm racer during the CES Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV. 

Unveiling of the FIA Formula Electric Qualcomm racer during the CES Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV. 

Brandi is very organized and on top of her game. She is easy to work with and has excellent connections in many different channels on a global level. She also has a knowledge of marketing, public relations, and event marketing with a dedication to creating partnerships, investment opportunities and long lasting relationships.
— Chris Schroeder - Manager Partner, Dakia Global Investors

In late 2012, Brandi Kolosky, was searching for a sustainable and conscious movement to utilize her expertise with. She was then introduced to Mr. Chris Schroeder, whom at the time was the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for FIA Formula Electric Racing. After months of proving herself, she presented FIA FE with several investors, sponsors, and event logistic options. 

I was raised around fast cars and racing, so its always been in my veins. Being a professional dancer and also raised around musicians in our home, the entertainment industry really hits home, although my spirit calls to projects that are adrenaline induced, musically lifting, and create awareness for our planet. FIA Formula E in totality was all of these characteristics. I am honored to continue working on eco-friendly, real estate, and entertainment projects with Chris for years to come.
— Brandi Kolosky - Founder of House of Berlin Names House of Berlin as Agency of Record

Servicing the Travel Agency's PR and Digital Marketing

House of Berlin is proud to announce that its Public Relations and Marketing Department is Agency of Record for, the Leading Travel Agency in the World for All Inclusive Vacation Packages

House of Berlin is proud to announce that its Public Relations and Marketing Department is Agency of Record for, the Leading Travel Agency in the World for All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Miami - April 28, 2015 - House of Berlin, a full-service integrated marketing and communications firm, has been named the agency of record for and Interactive Marketing Solutions LLC. HOB is an Affiliate Partner to the international agency, Links World Group, and will be responsible for executing BooVIP’s public relations, sponsored advertising and digital marketing efforts, including, but not limited to, social media campaigns, public relations for the travel agency and pitching the Founder & President, Andy Small as a travel and marketing expert, as well as creating powerful branding campaigns with integrated leading events across the globe.  

"When I met Brandi Kolosky, she was passionate about our project and implementing her driven PR experience into our goals. Her partner, VP & Marketing Director, Julie Illmensee, will power through the social media industry with expertise in digital marketing so we can garner more engagement with with our vacationers," said Andrew Small, Owner and President of  "Their unique strategy will be invaluable to our company for years to come."

House of Berlin will be implementing an expansive campaign in order to develop and manage brand-targeted experiences, utilizing social media and activate consumer engagement to increase sales and overall brand awareness. The firm also plans to align the brand with influential events, along with traditional media deliverable's to further enhance consumer recognition. 

"I have been following for several years. We pitched this travel company due to seeing its growth, and be confident in knowing our team can assist in executing their next goals," said Brandi Kolosky, Founder & President of House of Berlin. 

" was the perfect client for us to implement our digital marketing expertise, as they are about to hit 2 million likes on Facebook but lacked the digital footprint in other social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. We are beyond ready to push their company to the next level," further stated Julie Illmensee, VP & Marketing Director of House of Berlin. provides travelers with luxury accommodations at discount prices in destinations around the world. Through, vacationers can lock in exclusive rates to be used within a year to book a stay in locations such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Bahamas. has recently moved their head quarters to North Miami, FL and still runs their successful Philippines office for 24 hour service to vacationers. They offer the lowest vacation deals in the all inclusive resort industry. has more video reviews than any other travel agency or website in the world. 

About House of Berlin:

House of Berlin provides brands a strategic advantage in their field, garnering maximum brand exposure with consumers and top media while creating and managing beneficial brand partnerships. We are a creative communications firm committed to generating innovative PR, Marketing and Event campaigns. The energetic team behind House of Berlin has 10 years of experience providing unparalleled services to a variety of clients in the entertainment, film, fashion, corporate, hospitality, real estate, hotels, music, automotive, yachting, health and tech industries.

About Links World Group:

With more than $100 million in audit-able billings and 270 global associates, Links World Group is the largest independent, international media strategy and buying, digital solutions and public relations firm headquartered in Miami, Florida. With global hubs in Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic and Spain, Links World Group serves as a gateway into the international media marketplace, providing clients maximum exposure and unparalleled buying power in key emerging markets. Links World Group strategically executes an all-encompassing marketing mix across an integrated media platform customized to specific needs to ensure every client reaches its target consumers.


House of Berlin's Client, Beach Care Mobile Medical Services, To Open Soon


Beach Care will provide in-home, hotel and in-office mobile medical services such as urgent care, primary care, lab, pharmacy and telemedicine. Visit for more info. 


House of Berlin is Agency of Record for Beach Care providng Marketing, Business Development, PR, Branding and Social Media direction and management. Founder, President and PR Director, Brandi Kolosky, and VP and Marketing Director, Julie Illmensee, will be overseeing all activations and are thrilled to have their first Medical Industry client to the growing roster.