House of Berlin




The energetic team behind the Miami based HOUSE OF BERLIN - ARTICLE AGENCY has over a decade of experience providing a variety of clients in the entertainment (music, film), fashion (shows, labels), hospitality and real estate (hotels, restaurants, properties), automotive (racing, vehicles), design (vessels, furniture),  products (beauty, health, food, beverage, spirits), sustainability (clean energy, natural energy, organizations), start-ups, ventures, and  tech industries.

We have partnered as an affiliate with LinksWorldGroup, previously 3AWorldwide, which ranks among the worlds top 25 independent marketing communication agencies spanning more than 51 countries.

Our London, UK and Milan, IT based offices are there at call to expand your goals to reality into these markets. 

74% of the World’s Markets Offices.

A to Z for conception and launch needs. 

Headquarters: Miami, Florida (USA)