Fresh Shrimp USA

Fresh Shrimp USA L.L.C. is solemnly committed to the community and the environment. The company was created with the goal of producing fresh shrimp (colossal & jumbo) that are sustainable, and made 100% in the United States. The intensive production process used to cultivate shrimp in a greenhouse includes a closed recirculation system of salt water, a water heating system powered by natural gas boilers, and a strict biologically secure system (completely sealed off to vectors of diseases).

The company makes use of the most advanced technology available while staying away from chemicals and antibiotics.  All the organic wasteis also recycled to cultivate mangroves in their own nurseries.

Fishing the oceans in an ever more global and competitive economy with dramatically increasing food demands is not sustainable. There are simply not enough shrimp in the sea to meet the rising demand, and even if there were, it is economically risky to fish for them, as well as environmentally unsustainable.