Digital & Traditional Branding

The marketing of products and services using digital channels to impact our clients target markets is our forte. Our digital media and branding services extend beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of the internet such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, mobile phones, social media marketing, display advertising, and any other form of digital media.

HOB – Article Agency’s SEO & Digital Marketing team are required to analyze and quantify the value in what are clients invest in. We pride ourselves in pushing Big Data and Marketing Automation opportunities for our clienteles.

Our viral videos to cross-branded content will provide award winning results for clients by testing the marketing mediums with us. Social content calendars and copy writers are just a few of the key components in a successful marketing campaign. 


Media Relations

Our Media Relations team interacts with editors, reporters, and journalists on a daily basis such as newspapers, radio, television, blogs, and the internet. The goal is to communicate our client's newsworthy message, story or information using the appropriate media outlets.

The strategic movements of our media relations begin with the development and design of media plans that become a blueprint for what we desire to accomplish at the local, national or international levels for our clients. Our business strategies are designed to manage and create positive perceptions of the represented company. Trending information has to be anticipated and understood well in advance. And it has to be quickly accessed.

HOB – Article Agency’s effective media relations specialists understand the vitality to work with and not against the media. We have developed a strong relationship with journalists, bloggers and content writers who are eager to hear what our clients have to offer. We provide our clients with invaluable access to the public through media mediums.

Technical Writing

The technical writing services HOB – Article Agency offers are presented as a unified approach to complete the "story" of our client's vision, brand and product. Companies garner a reputation for cohesiveness, for thoughtfulness and for being customer focused. Our technical writers make sure brands have technical credibility with its product documentation. In a time when "content is king," our clients, now more than ever, find the strong need to leverage and partner with our technical content team.

Our company has extensive experience and success securing placement of technical articles in leading industry publications. Our team’s technical and marketing expertise enables us to write polished content to engage the industry as well as attract prospective customers to our clients. Our frequent contact and relationship with editorial staff of major trade publications place us as the leader to best represent our clients.

The technical publications team consists of Technical Writers, Web Developers and Graphic Designers who have produced top-notch deliverables, including but not limited to product implementation and user guides, brand guidelines, procedure manuals, responsive websites, web-based documentation and more, all within a range of sectors and industries. Our technical writing team works seamlessly with our clients to understand their product and the customer. We invest heavily in delivering the best products to customers on behalf of our clients, and our team successfully communicates our client's brand to the world.

 Web Developers & Graphic Design

The Web Developers and Graphic Designers of HOB – Article Agency listen to the clients dream and then determine the layout, font color, font type, logos, imagery, video, etc. First, our Web & Graphic team pair up with the marketing, technical writers and business relations team to define what the client’s end goals are. This includes what messages are being disseminated and the targeted audience. We provide a few potential layout options for the website, logos, business cards, flyers, and anything in between before presenting the finished product.

HOB – Article Agency’s Web and Graphic Designers possess a keen eye for detail, have the ability to express creative ideas, ahead of new fads and trends, as well as the latest coding and plugins on the market.

If you have a deadline, we are here to make it on time. 

Our Events and Activations Team are responsible for conceiving, planning and executing client events including coordinating creative development, client presentations and execution of experiential programs. The event manager manages event staff as well as fellow team members to support the goals and objectives of the client’s marketing strategy and end goals. Product launches to cross-promotional partnerships, HOB – Article Agency works with brands large and small to deliver identity creation and activation, immersive environments and engaging experiences.

Events & Activations

We speak and send messages to each other, so why should we interact with computers differently? Alexa and Siri have proven that’s now possible for simple use cases, and all conversational platforms have or soon will have open APIs. As a result, there’s an opportunity for users to interact with companies through voice (Alexa, Siri, Google Now, Cortana, etc.) and text (Facebook Messenger, Slack, iMessage, etc.). As consumers become comfortable ordering an Uber via Alexa or a pizza via Dominos’ Facebook chatbot, they won’t understand why they can’t interact with your brand the same way.

The goal of personalizing experiences and communication has been around since the dawn of the internet. Now, machine learning allows us to make that dream a reality. Marketers can create products and services that learn from the behavior of their users and tailor their experiences like never before. We can design anticipatory experiences that make decisions on behalf of users based on their goals, preferences and behavior. Today, Netflix recommends the shows it knows its individual users will like most and Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlists are one of the most popular parts of the service. In the near future, brand experiences will differentiate themselves by customizing all of their advertising, products, and services for their individual users.

Allow Muvtek - House of Berlin to augment your vision into fruition. 

AI/ VR/ Visual Design

Videography & Photography

Through analytics, we were able to learn more about consumer behavior related to our video content and how it performs on specific platforms. Data told us who viewed our content, how long they viewed it, what device they used, and exactly when they stopped viewing. Armed with this information, we were able to produce more relevant video content and serve it to our audiences.

We create video for the media — and they published it

With newsrooms still consolidating in 2016 and reporters responsible for covering more and more stories in a day, we decided to help. Along with our pitch, we asked the media if they would be interested in customized videos to accompany stories. Meaning we would get reporters’ questions, conduct interviews, and shoot and edit the videos to their liking. It was a win-win; we were able to add more value to our clients’ coverage, and they were able to include an asset with their stories — a highly engaging visual asset.

iPhones produce videos for us

Videos became easier to create in 2016. Even iPhones started producing videos for us — taking all the time spent on editing away. Have you looked at the Photos app on your iPhone recently? Open it up and see that videos are available and ready to upload with a tap of your finger. Essentially all the editing is done for you — add the music and length you prefer, and it’s finished. Aside from this, so many more platforms and apps were created to make video production easier and more cost-effective.

So what do you think is the best way to be deemed relevant by your audience in 2017? Give them what they want: video.

Social media platforms evolved for video

In 2016, almost every social media marketing platform from Facebook to Twitter improved their functionality to be able to host more video. In particular, Facebook and Instagram evolved their video advertising formats to be able to deliver more optimized video to highly targeted audiences. Platforms made it easier for us marketers to appeal to consumers by adding options to optimize videos with captioning, titles, URLs, and more.