Our concept is to give our guests the best of everything. The best sushi, the best entertainment, the best cocktails and the best service. When you come to Barezzito we give you the best experience Miami Beach can offer and tantalize your senses!



Marketing Plan



2013 public relations & marketing assistance plan overview / quarterly initiatives / social business / 90-day plan


Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW




Implement a dynamic public relations & marketing story program that creates a buzz surrounding the branding, restaurant and concept of Barezzito South Beach. Nexify will showcase the unique and entertaining aspects of Barezzito, enforcing the restaurants leadership position in the market, placing it in the top of minds with consumers, media, locals and visitors.

  •   Build heightened awareness in core demographic, geographic and target markets

  •   Shift markets responsiveness by highlighting and differentiating it from its

    competitive set

  •   Engage consumers / influencers directly through social and print media

  •   Educate consumers regarding the positive experience to be had with Barezzito South Beach

  •   Build an ADR (automated dialogue response) by attracting customers year-round and driving demand

  •   Reconfirm the position of Barezzito South Beach as the leader through Grupo Impluzas success

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW


target markets



Latin/South America

  • Dominican Republic

  • Puerto Rico

  • Colombia

  • Mexico

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • Venezuela

North America

  • South Florida

  • New York

  • Philadelphia

  • New Jersey

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • Washington DC

  • Atlanta

  • Charlotte

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Los Angeles

  • Canada


  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Russia

  • France

  • United Kingdom

  • China

  • Dubai

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW


target media markets














Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW




  •   Barezzito has many of the elements in place that align with current culinary and restaurant trends. Nexify will work to highlight the aspects of the restaurant and entertainment that will appeal to those seeking options in line with these media markets with a focus on hospitality, culinary, music, bars, travel, government, trendsetters, entertainment and culinary world.

  •   Nexify will capitalize on the branding and “first in the USA” appeal with a view towards creating specific initiatives to drive attention and sales.

  •   Secure steady stream of top-tier relevant media, both print and digital, to interview the Barezzito South Beach , owners and chefs for feature story placements.

  •   Position Barezzito South Beach and Grupo Impluza as cultural industry taste makers/ visionaries.

  •   Implement the unique and sophisticated ways Barezzito South Beach conveys its messages within the media and press to apply in their stories.

  •   Utilize “influencers” and third-party world of mouth endorsements to convey the message regarding Barezzito South Beach and its characteristics.

  •   Create awareness with the custom interior design work to hereby distinguish the Barezzito brand and capabilities of distinctive dining.

  •   Use the cocktails, menu items, music/entertainment angles to consistently pitch several stories at once for optimal coverage in all markets.

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW



media kit development

Nexify will research and compile the necessary information in order to create a comprehensive marketing story into a digital media kit for use on media appointments, pitching, follow up and the communication of general information to press as well as brochures for trade shows. Nexify will maintain accuracy of the media kit and add or remove information based on relevance, timeliness and products. Media kits are tailored based on journalist’s individual need and focus.

images / high-definition b-roll

High resolution images and b-roll are all important elements for the execution of a well thought out public relations and social media campaign. The creation and/or gathering of these items will be one of the first steps in the publicity process as we need these supporting materials to provide to the media in tandem with our pitching efforts.

Photo shoots you might conduct for brochures or ads will not yield the photography that the media needs for editorial, and it can often lead to missing out on an opportunity if you don’t have the appropriate image to make it work. We will assist you put the tools in place that will be crucial in the success of our PR efforts and will provide us with the necessary arsenal to maximize media efforts on your behalf.

Headshots and biographies of the executives will be required.

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW


social business

Nexify will listen to the social media conversation and relationship with regard to consumer, industry and competitor positioning for Barezzito South Beach’s target audience.

Nexify will provide all concierge, condominium, and Greater Miami Visitors Convention Bureau partners contacts, as well as a list of all conventions/business meetings taking place for the year.

Nexify will help create the content and materials to be used in each of these segments to push sales and obtain a successful fiscal year.

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW



quarterly initiatives


2013 initiatives

Nexify will utilize a variety of tools and methods to reach the consumer and media, directly, ranging from print and television to social media platforms and bloggers. The following slides outline initiatives broken down by quarter, as well as ongoing efforts. The public relations plan is subject to change, based on trends or shift in the market, as guided by the client. This document is provided as a starting point and can grown and change to best support the resort’s needs.


Music Bar


Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW


Q2 2013 / April - June


  • Nexify presenting the 2013 public relations plan

  • Secure desk side meetings, interviews and photshoots

  • Created digital press kit

    • Fact Sheets

    • Backgrounders

    • Biograpahies

    • Press Releases

      PRESS RELEASES / PITCHES (to be used for Q2 & Q3 and others to be created on Barezzito movements when needed)

  • Nexify Communications named PR agency of record for Barezzito South Beach

  • Barezzito South Beach Opening April 2013

  • Barezzito South Beach’s Concept developed by Grupo Impluza

  • Barezzito South Beach’s Menu

  • Barezzito South Beach’s Cocktails

  • Barezzito South Beach’s Entertianment

  • Barezzito South Beach’s Interior Design


Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW


Q2 2013 / April - June

Grand Opening Release and Summer Season Pitches

Nexify to use the opening press release and at the same time, create an email pitch highlighting the spring/summer cocktails and menu items to regional and national outlets including travel (focus on Latin American markets) and lifestyle publications

Nexify to invite culinary media (local and national) in for tastings during allotted calendar dates agreed upon by client and agency

Nexify to follow up with all media attendees to result in post culinary coverage

Interior Design Focus Pitch

Nexify to create press materials focusing on the interior designer while highlighting the intricate interior elements of the venue to disseminate to regional and national design and hospitality books as well as freelance design editors

Local Social Business

Nexify to create content for Barezzito to use for when emailing / e-blasts to concierge, condominiums, and GMCVB partner while utilizing the mailing lists provided to client free of charge

Barezzito South Beach to provide feedback, collateral/marketing materials and additional information


Barezzito South Beach to provide Nexify with event dates and details

Nexify to draft media alerts about upcoming events to disseminate to regional media to secure calendar and event listings

Nexify to secure select media attendees for reserved press tables

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW



example of publications and outlets


  • Urban Daddy Confirmed for Future Publish Date and Waiting to take Photos

  • A Hungry Artist

  • The Miami Herald

  • El Nuevo Herald

  • Haute Living Miami Confirmed for Future Publish

    Date and Waiting for Menu to be sent

  • Miami New Times Published

  • Short Order - Published

  • Kotkin, Carole - Freelancer

  • Mangham, Jen - Freelancer

  • Eater Miami Published

  • BrickGals

  • Ocean Drive Confirmed for Future Publish Date &

    Waiting for Concrete Date for Opening

  • Soul of Miami Published

  • Huffington Post Miami

  • NBC Miami


  • South FL Sun-Sentinel- Confirmed for Future Publish

    Date & Waiting to review Menu & Opening

  •   Departures Magazine

  •   Travel + Leisure

  •   Food & Wine

  •   Conde Nast Traveler

  •   Coastal Living

  •   Where to Eat & Drink

  •   Traveler Magazine

  •   Blackbook Magazine

  •   Insider Magazine

  •   NY Post

  •   Avianca en Revista

  •   Yahoo!

  •   The Food-e

  •   Caracol 1260

  •   Revista ego

  •   Venue Magazine

  •   AOL

  •   The Blueprint Magazine

  •   Hispanic Target

  •   Ocean Home



De Restaurantes y Mas Chilango


Directorio De Hoteles México Directorio Turístico De


Dónde Ir

El Gourmet

Generación Anáhuac

Guía De Restaurantes Y Estilos Gastronómicos 2009

Guía Turística De Jalisco Ocean Drive México
Pocket Baja Sur
Tiempo Libre

Travelers Guide To México

  • Sun-Post Newspaper

  • Florida Travel + Life Waiting on

    Concrete Opening Date

  • Cravings South FL

  • Florida Magazine

  • MIAMI M.L. Magazine

  • In the Scene Magazine- Confirmed for

    Future Publish Date

  • NBA News Heat Published

  • La Playa Isla Published

  • Yelp Had conference call to discuss

    future plans

  • Thrillist - Published

ongoing initiatives as needed...

  •   Serve as Barezzito's news bureau fielding all media inquiries

  •   Support sales and marketing team’s efforts

  •   Review editorial calendars and news for potential opportunities

  •   Source publicity leads for new media opportunities

  •   Press release collaboration and distribution: press kit updates and enhancements

  •   Individual press trip coordination

  •   Keep client abreast of appropriate shows/events

  •   Maintain customized media databases relevant to Barezzito's categories

  •   Proactively pitch editors, producers, freelancers and forward relevant information in the form of press releases, kits and creative and customized pitches

  •   Participate in regular conference calls/meetings with team

  •   Submit monthly activity reports showing all details on efforts and


  •   Submit 90-day reports showing all details on efforts and published media with all necessary information to create ROI charts

Barezzito South Beach l 2013 PUBLIC RELATIONS OVERVIEW


90-day Strategy Plan 2013

By: E: P:

Brandi Kolosky