Bar Shield


About Bar Shield

Why was Bar Shield created?  Bar Shield was founded in 2013 by the owner of a nightclub and live music venue.  We had seen our usual run ins with patrons that you expect to see in a bar, but one incident in particular would serve as the tipping point to trying to solve the question of, “what could have prevented that incident from happening”?

The quick version of the story is this: A customer could not find their phone.  This reality was rapidly spinning their world out of control so they came to the logical conclusion that they should tip over a table full of drinks to look for their phone.  You can guess what happened next, but it was even worse.

After the inevitable fight broke out, the cops were called and that is where the plot thickened…The police radios were not working properly for some reason so dispatch thought they were in trouble.  Next thing we knew, what seemed like the entire police force was here.  And yes, it made the news…which was not the best for us.

After the dust settled, we realized we didn’t have a good picture of the person on our security cameras, we had no witness that would talk and we further realized we were not sure we would recognize the person if they returned given how many people were present that night.

Was there a better way of knowing who was in the club? and if we had known anything about the person’s bar history, could that have helped?

From that situation, Bar Shield was created.