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We do what we do because we are  passionate professionals and doers thriving on brilliant ideas that serve brands. Quality and truth of our clients products and services drives us to promote them to the masses. Our team carries with it confidence to continually learn and improve, and has a zest for all things brand communications. See how we can help your company succeed, as We have the fuel to fire this full-service branding, design, marketing and storytelling agency. 

Never problems. Always solutions.
— Brandi Kolosky


The energetic team behind Miami-based HOUSE OF BERLIN - ARTICLE AGENCY has over a decade of experience providing clients in multiple industries with a wide range of service offerings, including Design, Product Launch and Management, Content Development and Technical Writing, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Strategic Tech Road mapping, Media Relations, Artificial Intelligence & 3D Mapping. 





Digital & Traditional

Web Developers & Graphic Designers

Technical Writing

Events & Activations

AI/ VR/ Visual Design

Media Relations

Videography & Photography



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We believe in supporting our local community. As part of this commitment, the House of Berlin- Article Agency team supports initiatives that benefit communities.


Spread the Word

We  encourage giving back- where our employee’s are dedicated to supporting their neighborhoods, and the causes that matter most to them. We empower them to act on their vision to strengthen and support their local communities.


Charitable Giving

House of Berlin-Article Agency proudly supports a number of charities. We suggest a few charities, local and national, that may be of interest to you: