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by House Of Berlin

Public Relations & Marketing Director; Founder-Brandi Kolosky

While I manifest positive energy, lead with a strong heart, and always have a bottomless matcha green tea, I am known to get anything done.” – Brandi Kolosky Known for pushing the boundaries of PR and Marketing in South FL & US, Kolosky has branded herself in every market that she feels passionate of. A professional dancer until she was 21, then Real Estate agent, onto migrating her university studies of Public Relations into these markets and further. Her clientele has ranged from luxury real estate, sports, music, eco-friendly, tech/apps, fashion and in-between. She has managed to brand align and cross engage markets for maximum exposure, and her clients trust has been extended through referrals over the past 8 years. She extends her appreciation to her mentor and affiliate partner, Edward de Valle of 3AWorldwide, for pushing her to become a better leader and business woman.

Celebrity & Client Photographer - Art Director - Victor Sanabrais 


Victor Sanabrais is a Miami based fashion, advertising, celebrity and fine art photographer.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, he perfected his craft and moved to the West Loop area of the city, and opened his first studio in the early 90's. It was there that he was discovered by the editors of Playboy's Newsstand Specials Publications and given his first break into becoming a recognized professional. Soon after, Victor began to expand his portfolio in the LA and NYC fashion markets, specializing in intimate apparel, swimwear, and eye wear fashion advertising.

His career behind the lens spans over 20 years, photographing some of the most celebrated names in the industry including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Anna Nicole Smith, Mickey Rourke, Slash, Snooki, Christina Aguilera, Joanna Krupa, Victoria Silvstedt, Jenny McCarthy, and many more.

In 2010 and 2011, Victor conducted a North American Model Search to find the new face of the Playboy Intimates Collection. Most recently, Victor joined the panel of the judges for Season 3 of Russia's Next Top Model TV Show, filmed in Miami, photographing the contestants as part of their weekly challenges.

Victor currently travels the world photographing celebrities and supermodels for advertising campaigns, editorial publications, and fashion catalog productions.


Fashion, Health & Beauty Assistant Manager - Alison Lopez

Hello! My name is Alison Lopez. I was both born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, while still embracing my Ecuadorian background. The outdoors is like a second home to me. I firmly believe nature is at its finest when it is left untouched. I look forward to traveling in the near future and experiencing first-hand the marvels our world has to offer. I am currently a sophomore at Florida International University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. I hope one day my major will help fulfill my dream in traveling the world and learning from the cultures of the world.


Sports & Tech Assistant Manager - Christian Chavarro

My name is Christian Chavarro. I was born in New York and raised in Miami, so I’m a big fan of warm weather and sunny skies. Comedy is a big part of my life, as I firmly believe that laughter helps make the most of out any situation. I’ve even performed stand up a few times, though I’m no professional by any means. I enjoy following men’s fashion, reading and observing how fabrics, patterns, and fits go in and out of style. I’m also an avid powerlifter, and plan on competing in my first meet this December. I’m currently a senior at Florida International University pursuing a dual degree in Public Relations and Marketing. I consider communication my passion, always learning from the perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds of other people. I ultimately want to reach a point in my career where I can stand in front of a crowd of hundreds or even thousands of people and speak to them about a company, product, or service that I firmly believe in.


Film & Marketing Research Assistant - Stephen Oliveros

Hi there!  My name is Stephen Oliveros.  I was born and raised in historic St. Augustine, Florida, where I developed a passion for creative writing and film at an early age.  Having recently transferred to Florida International University in Miami, I chose public relations as my area of study.  The field of PR appeals to me because it affords an opportunity to work with many different types of companies and people.  In my free time, I enjoy writing novels and screenplays, or working on the creative aspects of film.  I have had the privilege of working alongside my three brothers in different areas of filmmaking.  These collaborative projects have led me to love being in environments where I can implement my creativity, and I strive to use this same energy in opportunities with PR.